Frequently Asked Questions
What is new in Kurrent?
Kurrent is the first zerocoin that uses X11 as PoW. Also it is the first zerocoin that has the True Random Bonus Block feature.
Why Kurrent choose to use X11 as PoW algorithm?
For now the other zerocoins (ZCoin/Zoin etc) are all using Lyra2 variations as PoW algorithm. Lyra2 is a CPU only algorithm. It has problems with botnet taking most of the hash. Also there are rumors that secret GPU miners exist. To avoid these problems and confusions, we decided to use X11 PoW algorithm. X11 is GPU-friendly algorithm. It is used by many altcoins and proven to be very stable.
Why Kurrent uses Zerocoin protocol instead of Zerocash protocol?
Zerocoin and Zerocash are two different yet pretty similar protocols, both provide zero knowledge transactions. Zerocash is more recent and it hides more information. Yet Zerocash is complex, and its processing is memory demanding and slow. Zerocoin protocol is much faster and less memory dependant. Zerocoin protocol has been better reviewed and approved by the community. Also, since Zerocash hide most information, it is possible that devs or hackers design backdoors, for example generate additional coins secretly that other people won’t see (as witnessed in the ZCashDarkCoin case). With Zerocoin, the total supply is visible through the block explorer, and it is impossible for dev or hacker to play cheating there.
What is Super Bonus Blocks? Why they are true random?
Super Bonus Blocks are random blocks with given probability (average once per day in Kurrent) that give 100X the normal payment. For example, for the first two years the normal payment per block is between 64 coins and 128 coins. The Super Block pays 100 times the normal payout, or 6,400 to 12,800 coins per block. The determination of the super block is based on the current block hash so it can not be predicated before the block itself is generated. The big mining power will not be able to implement an algorithm to predict the super block. That’s why we call it true random.
Why you do a premine, instead of ICO or CFC?
We want to be with the community, yet we need resources to fund our development, maintenance and network server and other resources. Instead of taking an ICO/CFC, where we would be basically risk-free and it would disconnect us from the community (the coin could go to value-less, yet ICO/CFC fund will still have the value), our thinking is that dev and community should be on the same boat. The coin is our incentive. Our goal as well as the goal of the community who own the coin are the same, which is to make the coin a big success. That’s why we decided to make a small (5%) premine. Also the premine includes bounties that will be distributed to contributors from community who help making the coin better.
What is the future development of the coin?
The dev team of Kurrent is fully committed for the success of the coin. We are committed to develop the coin and build the community here for long term. The roadmap of the development is here. Our goal is to build a system that support private, secure, and fast transactions in the real world environment. We need support from the community. Please send us suggestions if you think some features are important but not in our roadmap ([email protected]). We also appreciate your help, if you are interested in developing code with us, please contact us. Together we will make this a great coin!
Who is the Kurrent dev team?
Kurrent dev team is composed of 3 seasoned professionals in software development, bigdata and cloud, branding, and marketing. Each has more than 15-20 years experiences in the domain.