Zero knowledge technology altcoin with X11 algorithm and true random bonus blocks.

About Kurrent

Privacy on the Internet? It’s not an oxymoron.

Kurrent Team
Kurrent is a new digital currency on the Bitcoin trader platform. It assures private financial transactions and full anonymity. Kurrent uses Zero-Knowledge proofs in order to ensure that no information about participants of the transactions will go public.
With Kurrent you can prove that you own a coin without revealing which one is yours. During first step called “mint” your coin goes into an accumulator and during the second step called “spend” one can prove that he owns a coin in the accumulator but doesn’t have to indicate which particular coin is his.

Mint algorithm

“Mint” transaction turns a public coin with transaction history into a completely private coin that is stored in an accumulator.


Spend algorithm

“Spend” transaction allows you to create a new coin that has no transaction history by proving that you own one of the coins in the accumulator.


Repeat all over again

The process of minting and spending can be repeated as many times as you want in order to ensure complete privacy.

Repeat all
over again



Keep your payments private with Zerocoin Protocol.

Peer to Peer

Uses a decentralized network.


Payments are processed instantly. To add to this you can use your Kurrent funds to buy bitcoin using our trusted online tools such as https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-kaufen/.


Advanced encryption, complete security.

Low fees

Much lower than wire transfers or credit cards.


You can send money anywhere in the world.


After accepting ‘Zerocoin Mint‘ transaction by the Kurrent peers, one can redeem his zerocoin back into Kurrent. During ‘Zerocoin Spend’ transaction the new Kurrent address is created. If the transaction is accepted, the Kurrent peers will treat it just like a regular Kurrent transfer.

Linking a Zerocoin Mint transaction to the Zerocoin Spend transaction is impossible. After redeeming a zerocoin you get totally fresh Kurrent. Not the one which you used to purchase zerocoin.

What people say?

Zerocoin Protocol, a way to perform genuinely anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. It was intended as an extension to bitcoin, but is also fully workable as a separate and independent “zerocoin” cryptocurrency.


What people say?

Zerocoin Protocol will let users spend internet cash with theoretically perfect anonymity.


What people say?

Zerocoin Protocol make the task of identifying users or tracing their transactions nearly impossible.